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Factory Exchange


The factory exchange appoints the replacement of pieces by equivalent pieces strictly rebuilt according to the original specifications. With such a factory exchange experience, CEVAM  controls perfectly the product knowledge and is able to reply to almost the totality of the inquiries. This activity has the advantage of proposing  original pieces at a low price (reliability, performance and long life).
CEVAM proposes new products too

CEVAM is member of APRA (Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association)



Technology & Services

CEVAM, offers a large range of alternators, starters and drive shafts applying to every segment of the market (european and asian ranges, agricultural range, trucks range and industrial vehicles range).
CEVAM is replying to the customers inquiries with a rate superior at 98%. The delivery is done under H+4 from the local warehouse and under 1 day 13H from the central warehouse. The CEVAM's staff at your disposal is qualified and with a great experience.

Our technical support advises you and answers your questions on phone everyday of the week. CEVAM's products are available in the catalogs of the most famous publisher like TECDOC, AUTOSSIMO, CICERONE, ETAI