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CEVAM is a key player on the alternators, starters and drive shafts market. With over 35 years’ experience in standard part replacement, CEVAM guarantees you original OEM-quality products, and reliable, swift and efficient services.

A FEW dates

  • 1972 -1986

    CEVAM Chair, Managing Director and founder Marcel Chauvière set up the first renovation factory for global leader in the GKN Glaenzer Spicer (SPIDAN) drive shafts then produced the standard part replacement range for Valéo rotating machines.

  • 1986

    Formation of CEVAM Renovation of alternators and starters

  • 1993

    Launch of the drive shafts business

  • 1994

    CEVAM IBERICA formed in Barcelona

  • 1999

    Takeover of GREA (40 years' experience in drive shafts)

  • 2005

    Creation of a production subsidiary in Poland
    ISO 9001 Certification

  • 2013

    ISO 14001 certification process

  • 2017

    Acquisition of A9 SRPA (32 years' experience)
    Specialized in the renovation of power-assisted steering racks, columns and pumps

  • 2018

    Acquisition of TEAMEC BVBA and R.P.A (42 years' experience)
    Specialized in the renovation of air-conditioning compressors, injectors and high-pressure pumps

  • 2022

    Acquisition of FRIESEN Gmbh
    (50 years' experience in the renovation of alternators and starters)



Standard part replacement consists in replacing parts with rigorously equivalent reconditioned parts conforming to the original specifications. With its long experience in standard part replacement, CEVAM has perfect mastery and knowledge of the product and can meet virtually all requirements. This trade has the advantage of offering OEM parts (reliability, performance and durability) at a cheaper price.
CEVAM is a member of APRA (Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association) www.apra.org


CEVAM, an EXTENSIVE RANGE of alternators, starters, drive shafts, steering and air-conditioning compressors for all market segments (European and Asian product lines for agricultural and heavy goods vehicles, and industry).


CEVAM delivers within 4 hours from its regional warehouses and the next day from its central warehouse.

CEVAM has qualified and experienced staff at your service.

Our TECHNICAL SUPPORT advises you and answers your questions by telephone from Monday to Friday.

CEVAM is available in the catalogues of the following leading publishers: TecDoc, Autossimo, Cicerone, ETAI.



Our EXPRESS SERVICE responds to all requests up to 5.45 p.m. for delivery the next morning.
You can order directly on our online customer portal 24/7, thereby saving you time and guaranteeing you reliable data input.
Our numerous regional warehouses close to our customers deliver within half a day (4 hours).

Our SALES DEPARTMENT processes your orders directly from Monday to Friday, 8.30 a.m. to 6 p.m..

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT is of the utmost importance in our trade, which is why we devote a large proportion of our activity to it, analysing each new model to be able to master its renovation and include it in our catalogue. This reactivity enables us to satisfy our customers’ requirements.


Our bases in 4 European countries ensures our CENTRAL POSITION in the European Union.

Our EXPORT SERVICE is at your disposal to advise and guide you, and ensures the follow-up and fulfilment of your orders.

All CEVAM products are covered by a warranty, guaranteeing you total compliance with CEVAM quality and services.

CEVAM provides a modern, practical and regularly updated CATALOGUE. Tailored to your needs, it presents the equivalence of our listed products with the leading manufacturers’ brands, and is freely available.

CEVAM is a member of CDA (Club de la distribution Automobile) affiliated to FEDA. www.feda.fr


QUALITY control plays an essential role at CEVAM. ISO 9001-2015 -certified exactly like the leading equipment manufacturers, we strive to improve our level of quality every day.

CEVAM is closely linked and attached to SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. Standard part replacement is a concept that economizes on raw materials, as it presupposes the re-use of existing manufactured goods, and it is also much cheaper in energy than the manufacturing of new products.

CEVAM (CEntre de VAlorisation de la Matière – materials recycling centre) recycles all the waste its activity produces (paper, cardboard, pallets, plastic, steel, aluminium, copper, oil, wastewater, etc.).

CEVAM works to the ISO 14001 environmental standard.

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